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What are the issues dealing with climate change?

Climate Change Deniers

Let's look at this logically. There are two extremes of possibility: either anthropogenic global climate change (AGCC) is really happening, and becoming critical, or it's all a bunch of nonsense, and the vast majority of scientists are badly mistaken. Then look at the future of the world. Look at one extreme scenario where we take no action at all on climate change, and one scenario where we do everything we can about it. Then look at the outcome table below.

As you can see, if there is no such thing as anthropogenic global climate change and we nonetheless do everything we can to slow population growth, clean up the planet, to create renewable energy, and conserve energy and resources, we'll have the greenest future and a great quality of life.

On the other hand, if climate change predictions are true, and we take the same actions, we can still have a pretty green future, though it won't be quite as great as if there were no global warming.

But, yet, on one foot, if there is no such thing as climate change and we do nothing, we'll have a pretty grim and dirty future anyway. This is already happening.

But, on the other foot, if climate change is real and we do nothing, it can literally lead to the extinction of the human species and many of the other species on the face of the planet.

CLIMATE CHANGE DENIERS ARE GAMBLING WITH OUR FUTURE. If those who claim that climate change is real and we act, and they turn out to be wrong, then we'll still have a great future. On the other hand, if we listen to the deniers, and THEY turn out to be wrong, then it's complete disaster. DO YOU WANT TO TAKE THIS GAMBLE WITH YOUR CHILDREN'S FUTURE?

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